Expectations. ⁣

Expectations. ⁣

The diet that would fix it all. The marriage that would heal the past. The job that represented success. The degree that meant freedom. The “thing” that would fill the gap. But just created a bigger void. ⁣

Expectations, when unmet, lead to disappointment. Disappointment turned outside is resentment. Resentment and anger turned inside is depression.⁣

How do you set yourself up for success and failure? What part do you play in believing in unrealistic expectations to only find yourself, once again, dissatisfied? ⁣

“Realistic” is in the eye of the beholder. I’m not talking about optimism or pessimism here. I’m talking about self awareness, patterns and reprogramming old stories for a new outcome. ⁣

Learn more about you and what you need to meet your own expectations and live a life on your terms. Have an integrated coaching conversation with a trained professional. Clarity awaits.


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