As a coach

As a coach I’m focused on your potential while as a counsellor I’m focused on helping you be at peace with yourself and your life. As a coach I can recognise if it is old core beliefs stopping you in life and as a therapist I am also recognizing if it is anxiety, depression, ptsd, adult ADHD, or another mental … Read More

Deafening Silence

The things we never talk about have a deafening silence. ⁣⁣Addiction ⁣Rape⁣Incest ⁣Abortion ⁣Child abuse ⁣Domestic violence ⁣STI’s ⁣Adultery ⁣Self harm ⁣Miscarriage⁣Suicide ⁣Emotional violence ⁣SIDS⁣Infertility ⁣Mental health ⁣PTSD ⁣Bankruptcy ⁣⁣⁣Yet every single person has been impacted by one or more of these. ⁣⁣Every. Single. Person. ⁣⁣No matter if you see yourself as a the victim or the villain in your … Read More

Managing Uncertainty and Anxiety in COVID-19

Yesterday I was able to share a few tips on managing anxiety and uncertainty during COVID-19 on CBC Daybreak North. In truth, I also had one of my worst days yesterday. I felt panicked and anxious and like the world was caving in. It was hard to remember even my own advice. As a therapist and coach there’s times when … Read More

Get Outside

Did you make your move this weekend? Better yet, did you go outside to do it? New research is indicating increased overall mental health benefits of experiencing nature. Everything from mood to anxiety to focus – it seems clear that spending time outside is critical. A few minutes a day will do and there is no gear or memberships required. … Read More