Decisions. We’ve never wanted more from “marriages” than we do now. Be it lega…


We’ve never wanted more from “marriages” than we do now. Be it legally married or long term or common law, the expectations are massive.

We want a soul mate, a best friend, excitement, stability, great sex, support, unconditional love. We want all our emotional and physical needs met in our marriages.

Well, that’s just not realistic. Full stop. That’s actually a belief that is likely to harm your relationship not enhance it.

That’s why nearly half of these things don’t make it. In part, the expectations we place on our primary relationships becomes the very weight that crushes it.

Making the decision to stay or go in part requires you to think if what you have outweighs what you grieve for. Because no one relationship is going to give you all that you desire – ever. Coming to terms and facing what you can work on and improve and then accepting what you choose to live with is realistic.

There’s no room for shitty behaviour, demeaning or grandiosity – don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying you should live with it. But I am saying to really think about your expectations, fight for what you want and accept that perfection is a fairy tale.

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