Managing Uncertainty and Anxiety in COVID-19

Yesterday I was able to share a few tips on managing anxiety and uncertainty during COVID-19 on CBC Daybreak North.

In truth, I also had one of my worst days yesterday. I felt panicked and anxious and like the world was caving in. It was hard to remember even my own advice. As a therapist and coach there’s times when even the best information and coping strategies still results with me in a sobbing puddle on the floor. A connection with my family and friends was essential. Along with the neighbours who I said “hi” to from a distance outside. And the guy who gave me thumbs up when I was running. Thank you kind stranger with a dog.

We are going to have tough days. And we are going to rise again. Take action today to help you feel more in control through healthy behaviours. More on my seven steps to self management in the coming days.

Here’s the radio link: I said “recognize” too many times (thanks nerves) but there is some wisdom in there (self preservation).

I’ve also created a handy printable resource of my seven top tips for managing uncertainty and anxiety:

Tips to Managing Anxiety (download)

We must first be self aware and truly shine a light on what we are in need of and what our behaviour is before we can make a change. So see it, accept it and change it.

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