About Marriage

Marriage as we generally know it is a template that’s socially inherited. We are provided an antiquated construct of what it “should” look like – man, woman, children, monogamous, forever. The social marker of happiness. ⁣

But over 40% of them end because not one shoe fits us all. And it sure hurts when it’s forced. ⁣

It’s time to mindfully examine what marriage means by today’s standards. Make choices and judgements based on conscious and thoughtful assessment. Each couple has unique needs. Shouldn’t each union be unique? There’s many options for conscious coupling and uncoupling and yet the fairy tale is promoted and sold despite the reality.

Many couples never live together or share bank accounts. Many have chosen polyamory or open marriages. Some don’t get legally married. Many blend and extend. Many are bisexual or embrace many partners. Many opt to be happily divorced yet deeply in love. Some stay married for 20 years, call it a success and move on. And many stay married, happily, and are monogamous. ⁣

Our culture and society is changing so rapidly with new perspectives and awareness driving the social agenda. Isn’t time we examined and accepted the changes that marriage is experiencing too. Is a “successful” marriage really one that lasts or is it one that serves the couple (whatever “couple” means) and provides for their needs? There’s more than one way to get it right. ⁣


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