Be still.

Today I participated in the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association’s Indigenous Sharing Circle. As a member, and an Indigenous practitioner, I felt drawn to the gathering and found myself arriving to it with some mixed emotion and anxiety. Things have taken a less than desirable turn for our nation in the last week as we face the variant head on.

One speaker’s words landed upon me with such an impact. An elder, a woman, a knowledge keeper and a skilled practitioner she said “This is the time to be still”. She reflected on how the elders and scared prophecy had told us of such times and that the remedy to anxiousness and nervous energy was being still. To stop asking ourselves when will this be over, what will happen next, why is this so scary. A reminder that all things pass, and that what we can do is just be still. It’s hard to not want to control things. To have the answers.

Sometimes we just have to be still. That time is now.