Beautiful things often come with sharp edges.

This much is true.

Beautiful things often come with sharp edges.

Wouldn’t you agree? The things we are most proud of, in love with, believe in, feel the most meaningful about often have some sharp edges to the story.

The degree that took the single mother years to complete and meant she couldn’t make her kid’s class trips. The child that took so many years to conceive. The promotion that meant a decade of long hours. The business that succeeded but with a cost. The marriage that went through hell and back. The life remembered that stings with loss. The medal that came with physical and mental sacrifice. The new homeland that came with leaving a country and a life behind.

What means the most to us comes not easily but with both painful and beautiful struggle. Managing the struggle, building capacity and resilience is what my work with people is all about. I’ve got them too, those scars, dents and narratives that threaten to hold me back. Coaching helped me to develop skills to rise above.

Together we can establish new mental pathways and develop focus to help along the journey. Because those scars are muscle memory, linked to your strengths just waiting to be activated.