Go through it

Sometimes the only way through the most painful journey is right through the very heart of it.

When faced with pain and uncertainty the natural instinct is often to manoeuvre around it, to locate solutions, to avoid holding the discomfort and finding coping mechanisms that alleviate the burden. We are designed to alleviate threat and discomfort as a basic survival skill.

Yet for the deepest of emotional despair, the most intense feeling of loss, the relentlessly long journey of the unknown the exile we seek is found only on the other side. Grief paves way to illumination. Time over distance; the equation we become a reluctant participant of.

It is possible to feel every emotion, face directly into the unknown and make space for the messy uncontrollable fall out while still making progress, walking towards the other side. Feeling the pain does not require immobilization, you can multi task – even in the darkest of times.


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