It is only at the end that we begin once again.

It is only at the end that we begin once again.

The end of the dream.
The end of the job.
The end of the relationship.
The end of time.
The end of the visit.
The end of the business.
The end of the day.
The end of the move.
The end of the life.

That is where we begin. Not with grace or ease or comfort. Not often with clarity or hope. Often with an unknown identity wrapped in a shield of uncertainty in who we are, now that something has ended. Even when we have wished for the end, the impact of loss lingers.

Transitions, beginnings and endings alike, are a natural part of our contract with life. They come with joy and pain alike.

Leaning into an ending can be a remarkably beautiful beginning. But not all beautiful things start quite that way. Like you, I’ve had my share of endings and beginnings. That’s why life transitions are one of my most favourite things to talk about. Understanding their impact offers insight. Insight worth seeing.

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