Narrative Therapy

On narrative therapy. Our lives are not single storied. They are multiple. Yet for so many of us, we get caught in one story. On repeat. One framework that we believe is the only truth. The one that defines us. The one the limits us.

Like a building with many floors, we also have many stories but often get stuck on one level. Together, in a narrative therapy approach, we build scaffolding to to reach new floors. And when we reach the top we can see a new landscape. This new perspective allows us to choose the story that is best for us instead of clinging to a default narrative, which more than likely holds us back.

For years I was caught in a few chapters of my own story. I leaned, through therapy and a commitment growth, that in my multiple stories I had a wisdom that could become more richly known.

In working with me you won’t be told what to do, or told what your story is. You will explore the many alternative stories of your life. Narrative therapy is an integral part of my integrated approach.