The “what has my life become” tired

I know what it feels like to hit this, head on. The “I’m so exhausted I don’t know even know where to fall feeling”.

And then you look around and realize you don’t even have the luxury of falling anyhow. There’s a business to run, a job to do, people who have you on the “help” list, kids to drive around, laundry and endless demanding days.

This isn’t the everyday busy & tired. It’s the “what has my life become” tired known typically (but not exclusively) to women; the working with kids kind. Add trauma – and you’ve got a next level scenario.

Nobody knows you have hit that wall, bruises well covered up. A smile plastered over the cracks and an Academy award worthy role for “putting up a good front”.

Eventually though, the crumbling starts. Emotions that break through uncontrollably when we least expect them, be it sobbing or rage. Behaviour that is not our typical. Immobilized by an overwhelming weight so heavy that carrying on is no longer an option. This is what happens when we hit the wall and solider on. It’s called burnout. And clinically it’s serious, caused from sustained emotional, physical, psychological stress that compounds due to excessive long term unhealthy exposure. It can lead to a host of unfortunate outcomes like long term physical and mental health ramifications if not managed.

I know a thing or two about this because like so many of you, I’ve been a repeat visitor. Through the years I’ve developed techniques and skills for an early warning system. And I’ve learned a thing or to from burnout that has helped me along the way. Like how my own standards and expectations drive me at warp speed into this wall, head first, if I don’t become my own parent and set some dam rules. Perfection has a cost. I’d love to share more with you and help you develop you own wall avoiding strategies.