Top Tips for Diet Success

Here it is!

My top tips for diet success! I am a professional so read on…

➡️ Don’t fu&@ing diet.


➡️ You do not need a cleanse. Full stop.

➡️Anybody trying to sell you shakes, chemical food, prepackaged snacks likely has alternative financial motives. Think about that. Get a true professional on your side if you want and need help.

➡️ Just move. Walk. Run. Yoga. Ski. Snowshoe. Stairs. Clean the bath tub. It’s doesn’t fricken matter. Just move.

➡️ Sleep. If you can’t sleep talk to you medical practitioner and find out why.

➡️ Just be nice to yourself. What you tell yourself matters. Would you say the same things to your friends? Would you say “Why can’t you stop being such a pig?” to your friends, kids, spouse? If you said yes I have advice for you that I won’t offer here.

➡️ Health not pounds / kilos. The number on a scale does not give you permission to like yourself. A number is a metric only. Do you even need to know it? Really, why? Defend your answer. For women in our culture we have been told be small. Why? So that we will be unseen, stay weak, stay quiet. Fu&$ that.

Weight in our culture is one of the most pervasive shame based control mechanisms. It is bought, sold and marketed as self worth.

It’s a new year. You don’t need a new you. You need a new mindset. Let’s get tough on diet culture.