Walk towards what you want

When I finally learned the difference between walking towards what I want – rather than away from what I don’t – it was perhaps one of my biggest personal awareness “ah ha’s”.

My moment of consciousness.

Many of us live our lives knowing what we don’t want, running away from perceived danger and focused on scarcity, scanning the environment for threat. Burning precious energy. We are motivated not by opportunity but by the fear of not having it. How many of us have worked ourselves into exhaustion in avoidance of poverty, a vow to never go back. How many of us drive ourselves in relentless high performance with unachievable standards as a cruel tool to keep us reaching. How many of us use perfection as both the shield and the sword?

When we start to live a life based on what we want and take actions and behaviours that serve us we find a new freedom. Learned behaviour that had a purpose but is no longer helpful can be shelved for a better option. It’s possible. That said, while learning to walk again, you can expect a few falls along the way. But I’ve never known anyone who has regretted it. Walking tall with purpose, towards what you want in life is worth a few bruises.


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