Posted @withregram • @cjspennington When do you feel your most authentic? Some…

Posted @withregram • @cjspennington When do you feel your most authentic? Sometimes slowing things down is necessary. No sounds. No tech. No demands. All the distractions gone quiet means I have to face the things I’ve been hiding from. And that’s ok. #jaspernationalpark #jasper #pyramidlake #winter #dogwalk #nature #getoutside #naturetherapy #movementismedicine #mentalhealth #riseup #renew #parkscanada #jasperalberta   Source

If circa 1990 movies were your sex ed – you are not alone.

If circa 1990 movies were your sex ed – you are not alone. My area of counselling speciality is in sex and intimacy and I’m constantly amazed by the information I’m learning. Research is shaping our understanding of sexuality and yet for most, it’s an unspoken topic – ironically, especially among couples in long term relationships. Most of today’s adults … Read More

What can one session do?

What can one session do? ♾Change your perspective.♾Change your mindset.♾Change your trajectory.♾Change your story.♾Change your future. Just. One. Session. Imagine what a few could do! Stuck? Uncertain? Questioning? Anxious? Grieving? There’s a session for that.

Do you know this feeling?

Do you know this feeling? The kind of regret that makes you look away, from yourself. The rumination that locks you into the past. Stuck on self blame, disappointment, shame, hindsight. A longing for a different story. Convinced that the past which has cemented the present can never be changed for a better tomorrow. An inextricable connection, a trap, of … Read More

Counselling too

Best known for our coaching services, did you know that Momentum also offers counselling. As a trained and certified general counsellor my background includes graduate studies in counselling as well as a recently completed post graduate training program with a specialization in intimacy. As a member of the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association and designations in process with other national, … Read More

Take their word for it?

Don’t just take their word for it… Sadly, coaching is yet unregulated and therefore those with limited education (if any at all) and experience can call themselves a coach. The title is not yet protected in Canada for the profession which means as a client or “coachee”, you need to ask the right questions. With so many so called “coaches” … Read More

Can you just sit with it?

Can you just sit with it? The grief. The pain. The fear. The uncertainty. The annoyance. The despair. The frustration. Can you just allow all of it to be? It’s ok to have really f&$king awful moments. When we allow our emotions the time to process, without trying to manage them into submission, they pass. And we can get back … Read More

Make a List

What’s your list? Feeling aimless? Make a list! Crossing even just one thing off is key to a daily “win” and we all need one of those these days! Small things, big outcomes. Focus your energy and feel successful even in chaos.