You are so much more than just one story

You are so much more than just one story. ⁣⁣Rumination, the same series of thoughts and feelings on repeat, can get in our way of acceleration and prevent us from even taking one step forward. But you are so much more than those stuck thoughts, feelings and behaviours. ⁣⁣You are truly infinite. Capable of so much more than you are … Read More

Can you just sit with it?

Can you just sit with it? The grief. The pain. The fear. The uncertainty. The annoyance. The despair. The frustration. Can you just allow all of it to be? It’s ok to have really f&$king awful moments. When we allow our emotions the time to process, without trying to manage them into submission, they pass. And we can get back … Read More

Permission Slip

Tonight I wrote myself a permission slip.⁣ “Dear life…I give Catherine the permission to…”⁣ Why? because we all need a little permission. Especially during a pandemic (I mean, this is really my “first” pandemic but I’m going out on a limb and saying it applies). I suspect that social scientists to come will learn from this global experience and if … Read More

Managing Uncertainty and Anxiety in COVID-19

Yesterday I was able to share a few tips on managing anxiety and uncertainty during COVID-19 on CBC Daybreak North. In truth, I also had one of my worst days yesterday. I felt panicked and anxious and like the world was caving in. It was hard to remember even my own advice. As a therapist and coach there’s times when … Read More

Make a List

What’s your list? Feeling aimless? Make a list! Crossing even just one thing off is key to a daily “win” and we all need one of those these days! Small things, big outcomes. Focus your energy and feel successful even in chaos.

Get Outside

Did you make your move this weekend? Better yet, did you go outside to do it? New research is indicating increased overall mental health benefits of experiencing nature. Everything from mood to anxiety to focus – it seems clear that spending time outside is critical. A few minutes a day will do and there is no gear or memberships required. … Read More