Grief is the next “vulnerability”

I was sent this remarkable excerpt on grief. Grief, I believe, is the next “vulnerability”. In order to move forward, to learn and to grow we must be willing to hold and explore not only our grief but that of others. Maybe the most difficult is recognizing our role in grief, and how our actions may have caused the experience … Read More

I’m Catherine.

I’m Catherine. Living a complex human existence. Just. Like. You. I have days where I hit it out of the park. Living my best advice and basking in self care and self awareness. Doing yoga and meditating. Eating greens and journaling. Looking like this image. And some (many…) days I don’t get out of my exercise clothes. That don’t get … Read More

Grief Time

“So exactly how long is this grief thing going to take me?” I ask my therapist. ⁣⁣There’s a pause. And then “How long do you think it will take you, Catherine?” ⁣⁣Dam. A fu$&ing question to answer a question. Classic. Well positioned. And I should know because I am both a patient and a therapist. Note to self: that’s a … Read More

I see you

I see you. ⁣⁣I see you, single parent with two jobs and night school. Making the rent and lunches. Neither without stress. ⁣⁣I see you, business owner, with long hours and endless emails. Making the decision to sink more or stay afloat. ⁣⁣I see you, facing the tough decision between making the overtime or making the game. No win situations … Read More


And then it happens. The very moment you realize you’ve been running your life like a business. Taking care of the customers, attending to shareholders, maintaining the market. Metrics. Timelines. Milestones. Day after day. Year after year. But then the CEO is suddenly exhausted. Can’t seem to mobilize , think clearly or even get out of bed. The daily process … Read More

The “bluest” month

Feeling down? It’s January. The “bluest” month of the year. In a good year. Let alone in the second wave of a global pandemic. ⁣⁣But consider this, feeling depressed is not the same as being depressed or having clinical depression. You can feel depressed and not have depression. ⁣⁣In our contract with life we get both joy and pain. Experiencing … Read More

Deafening Silence

The things we never talk about have a deafening silence. ⁣⁣Addiction ⁣Rape⁣Incest ⁣Abortion ⁣Child abuse ⁣Domestic violence ⁣STI’s ⁣Adultery ⁣Self harm ⁣Miscarriage⁣Suicide ⁣Emotional violence ⁣SIDS⁣Infertility ⁣Mental health ⁣PTSD ⁣Bankruptcy ⁣⁣⁣Yet every single person has been impacted by one or more of these. ⁣⁣Every. Single. Person. ⁣⁣No matter if you see yourself as a the victim or the villain in your … Read More

Counselling too

Best known for our coaching services, did you know that Momentum also offers counselling. As a trained and certified general counsellor my background includes graduate studies in counselling as well as a recently completed post graduate training program with a specialization in intimacy. As a member of the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association and designations in process with other national, … Read More


Sometimes they come knocking. DoubtFearShameGuilt Sometimes I open the door. Even though I know better. Often they have friends with them, unwelcome guests. They say things like “who do you think you are?” and “You won’t succeed, you never do”. And then they make themselves at home. Demanding access to my memory, creating a revisionist history, reinforcing and enhancing a … Read More

Top Tips for Diet Success

Here it is! My top tips for diet success! I am a professional so read on… ➡️ Don’t fu&@ing diet. And… ➡️ You do not need a cleanse. Full stop. ➡️Anybody trying to sell you shakes, chemical food, prepackaged snacks likely has alternative financial motives. Think about that. Get a true professional on your side if you want and need … Read More