Danger… ⁣ Like clockwork, this is the time of year when the “new you” sales ma…


Like clockwork, this is the time of year when the “new you” sales machines start to fire up. ⁣

Take this shake. ⁣
Use this supplement. ⁣
Do this workout. ⁣
Detox. ⁣

We get sold on a new body.
New life.
New start.

Be a cautious consumer. Consider what is really worth it and what’s not. Another fad, fix, gimmick program that’s doesn’t address behaviours, beliefs, values and is not rooted in sustainable real life will not work. Full stop.

Yet I understand why you feel compelled. It’s not because you are stupid, weak or an easy sales mark. It’s because we all want to BELONG. We all want APPROVAL. We all want to be ACCEPTED. And that marketing machine makes sure we get fed a steady stream of junk values that tells us we are not “ok”.

We are vulnerable because we hurt.

Diet culture is a social illness that demonizes “fat”. It supports the faulty belief that life would be amazing if we achieve a certain weight. It sells perfection and oppresses those who don’t measure up. It’s dangerous. It needs to stop. ⁣

Here’s what the research says: anything healthy you invest in for the long term, consistently, will work. Highlight “long term”. So, give yourself a fighting shot at your own brand of health, one that works for you. ⁣Invest in yourself, not in the diet industry designed to ensure you fail so you keep coming back.

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