My morning with “Mouse” and friends @ridgecountryfarm getting my dose of heart m…

My morning with “Mouse” and friends @ridgecountryfarm getting my dose of heart math healing.

According to Tauna Bogle “Science says: a Horse’s heart makes a Human heart feel better”
“Recent studies conducted by the Institute of Heart-Math provide a clue to explain the “two-way healing” that occurs when we’re close to horses. According to researchers, the heart has an electromagnetic field larger than the brain: a magnetometer can measure the energy field of the heart that radiates from 2.4 meters to 3 meters around the human body. While this is certainly significant, perhaps more impressive than the electromagnetic field projected by the heart of a horse is five times larger than that of a human being (imagine an electromagnetic sphere around the horse) and it can influence straight into our own heart rate.”

I’ve yet to get to a horse healing class with @triquetrawellness but it’s definitely on my bucket list. She offers day programs and I think we can say these are “horse powered healing”. Sessions. You’re welcome, puns and counselling are my jam.

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