Wasted time. Things that I have wasted time on. (Expertise from a therapist)…

Wasted time.

Things that I have wasted time on.

(Expertise from a therapist)

Perfectionism. Really, it’s such a waste of time. Because nobody and I mean nobody who ever mattered to me really cared.

Obsessively thinking about my weight. About fat. Where it is. Where it isn’t. How to avoid it. How to control it. I’ve wasted literally years of life on that one. See point one.

How to find a balance for my career(s)and my family. Don’t bother. It’s a shit show. Get a new dream. Just do your best.
The end.

Trying to get ahead of laundry. This is an insane objective. Not possible. Full stop. See point three.

Meal planning. No matter how hard I try. Nope. And – I am smart. I have resources. I “can” do it. But I don’t. And I won’t. Ever. Cereal and left over tuna melts – just fine. Nobody seems to complain around here. And we all seem to eat. Everyday.

Self blame. Self judgement. Insecurities. Hiding my authenticity while trying to make everyone happy. Ruminating. People pleasing. Trying to be noticed. Trying to hide. (All wastes of time and energy).

Hating less than optimal winter weather despite living in a winter place. Complaining about weather in general.

And that crockpot recipe book. Definitely a miss.

What have you wasted your time on?

The good news…we learn from our experiences and can make changes every moment we take a new breath.

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