Introductions. I’m Catherine. The counselling therapist and coach of “Momentum…


I’m Catherine. The counselling therapist and coach of “Momentum”.

Facts about me:

🗝I’m a mom. Not always a super mom. (But sometimes I am.)

🗝I’m Indigenous. Born to the Metis Nation of Saskatchewan in Duck Lake,SK – and now a citizen of Metis Nation of BC.

🗝My true annoyance includes people not knowing who (or what) the Metis people are and perpetuating a false definition.

🗝I’m from a small community – like 500 people. That’s a very small place. Rural places have a wisdom, too.

🗝I didn’t think I’d ever graduate high school let alone finish college, university and go to graduate school. I never thought I’d achieve much in life. Well, that’s one narrative I put to rest.

🗝I’m a survivor. A fighter. A take no prisoners when I have a conviction sort of person. Some wounds, and scars, I’ve got those too.

🗝I am prone to swearing, calling it as I see it (even when wrong) and told I’m rather serious. But I’m also funny – at times – but honestly, I never get sarcasm.

🗝I’m not a perfect fit for everyone but I’m not afraid to say I’m good at what I do.

🗝I’ve recently leaned to unfollow and block people who do not align to my values that I hold dear. Not many, but a few. It’s a good feeling. Try it.

🗝My approach is humanistic, empathic, narrative, cognitive, behavioural, and solution focused. I’m not afraid of your story.

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