The “what has my life become” tired

I know what it feels like to hit this, head on. The “I’m so exhausted I don’t know even know where to fall feeling”. And then you look around and realize you don’t even have the luxury of falling anyhow. There’s a business to run, a job to do, people who have you on the “help” list, kids to drive … Read More

They keep coming back

Think a session sounds great but…it’s too expensive, too unknown, too luxurious, too embarrassing, too selfish, too scary, too much time? Well, that’s your call, but just ask my clients and you’ll get the truth 👍 Is a few hours and a small investment (that pays back immediately) that much, really? I’m not that scary…in fact some people keep coming … Read More

What makes your heart beat?

Maybe you had a goal. Had a plan. Had motivation. And maybe it’s gone flat. Maybe you wish you had a direction. A goal. A vision. A compass. Maybe you have a clear objective. A map. A deadline. But you can’t get mobilized around it anymore. Things are piling up and your focus is blurred. Coaching can help. In just … Read More

Be still.

Today I participated in the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association’s Indigenous Sharing Circle. As a member, and an Indigenous practitioner, I felt drawn to the gathering and found myself arriving to it with some mixed emotion and anxiety. Things have taken a less than desirable turn for our nation in the last week as we face the variant head on. … Read More

Coping Strategies?

I will be right here, hanging on for dear life. Hanging on the knife edge most days and trying to just keep on going. Carrying on, carrying on. Anybody know what I mean? I’ve got about a 1000 coping strategies. A whole bunch of real shitty experiences that have made me “strong”. But I’m not real interested in radical positivity … Read More

As a coach

As a coach I’m focused on your potential while as a counsellor I’m focused on helping you be at peace with yourself and your life. As a coach I can recognise if it is old core beliefs stopping you in life and as a therapist I am also recognizing if it is anxiety, depression, ptsd, adult ADHD, or another mental … Read More

Grief is the next “vulnerability”

I was sent this remarkable excerpt on grief. Grief, I believe, is the next “vulnerability”. In order to move forward, to learn and to grow we must be willing to hold and explore not only our grief but that of others. Maybe the most difficult is recognizing our role in grief, and how our actions may have caused the experience … Read More

Deafening Silence

The things we never talk about have a deafening silence. ⁣⁣Addiction ⁣Rape⁣Incest ⁣Abortion ⁣Child abuse ⁣Domestic violence ⁣STI’s ⁣Adultery ⁣Self harm ⁣Miscarriage⁣Suicide ⁣Emotional violence ⁣SIDS⁣Infertility ⁣Mental health ⁣PTSD ⁣Bankruptcy ⁣⁣⁣Yet every single person has been impacted by one or more of these. ⁣⁣Every. Single. Person. ⁣⁣No matter if you see yourself as a the victim or the villain in your … Read More


Sometimes they come knocking. DoubtFearShameGuilt Sometimes I open the door. Even though I know better. Often they have friends with them, unwelcome guests. They say things like “who do you think you are?” and “You won’t succeed, you never do”. And then they make themselves at home. Demanding access to my memory, creating a revisionist history, reinforcing and enhancing a … Read More

Top Tips for Diet Success

Here it is! My top tips for diet success! I am a professional so read on… ➡️ Don’t fu&@ing diet. And… ➡️ You do not need a cleanse. Full stop. ➡️Anybody trying to sell you shakes, chemical food, prepackaged snacks likely has alternative financial motives. Think about that. Get a true professional on your side if you want and need … Read More