What does it look like?

When did someone decide what fitness, health and beauty looked like and when did we start to believe them? When did we decide that marketing and sales centred around “perfection” was reasonable even though the metric and model was fictitious? When did judgements and shame become our right to cast upon ourselves and others? When did we decide our daughters … Read More

Go through it

Sometimes the only way through the most painful journey is right through the very heart of it. When faced with pain and uncertainty the natural instinct is often to manoeuvre around it, to locate solutions, to avoid holding the discomfort and finding coping mechanisms that alleviate the burden. We are designed to alleviate threat and discomfort as a basic survival … Read More

Walk towards what you want

When I finally learned the difference between walking towards what I want – rather than away from what I don’t – it was perhaps one of my biggest personal awareness “ah ha’s”. My moment of consciousness. Many of us live our lives knowing what we don’t want, running away from perceived danger and focused on scarcity, scanning the environment for … Read More

The feelings we don’t have the words to describe

The feelings we don’t have the words to often feel the most powerful. ⁣⁣♾When love can’t describe the abundant heart. ⁣⁣♾When fear can’t describe the terror. ⁣⁣♾When devotion isn’t the word that describes the bullet that would be taken. ⁣⁣♾When a “breakdown” can’t begin to articulate the unravelling of the life you’ve held so dear; even if you’ve had a … Read More

What would you be?

If you could, what would you be? ⁣⁣If you didn’t have that fear, that voice, that insecurity holding you back? ⁣⁣What if you became the person you wanted to? Did the thing you dream of? Started the project that’s been on your mind for a long, long time. What if you transcended those old stories that shackled you to living … Read More

Expectations. ⁣

Expectations. ⁣⁣The diet that would fix it all. The marriage that would heal the past. The job that represented success. The degree that meant freedom. The “thing” that would fill the gap. But just created a bigger void. ⁣⁣Expectations, when unmet, lead to disappointment. Disappointment turned outside is resentment. Resentment and anger turned inside is depression.⁣⁣How do you set yourself … Read More

Good Relationships

Good relationships can be the difference between life and death. ⁣⁣Research finds that people who have supportive, healthy and loving relationships (of all kinds) have been found to be more effective in warding off illness and mortality than weight loss, regular exercise and smoking cessation alone. ⁣⁣⁣Of course the opposite is true as well, toxic relationships have a substantially negative … Read More

Beautiful struggle.

Beautiful struggle. The things we are most proud of, in love with, believe in, feel the most meaningful about often have some sharp edges to the story. The degree that took the single mother years to complete and meant she couldn’t make her kid’s class trips. The child that took so many years to conceive. The promotion that meant a … Read More

“Move a muscle. Change a thought.”

“Move a muscle. Change a thought.”⁣⁣⁣⁣I love this cognitive behavioural principle. The cycle for me (and most humans) is getting stuck in rumination and overthinking, which leads to worry, sadness, or challenging feelings and then typically less than optimal behaviour (more wine, salty food, cake, Netflix binge anyone?…). ⁣⁣⁣⁣We tend to think that we just have to think differently or … Read More

Journey of Eating Disorder Recovery

The journey of eating disorder recovery has been a long one. And I’m still on it. ⁣⁣Like many, I’ve hid my ED from people in my life. Too ashamed and embarrassed to talk about “it”. But over the last decade I’ve started sharing my experiences and story and become committed to recovery. No surprise it correlates with the birth of … Read More