Why do I do this work? Hey, “it’s been a hot minute” as the cool kids say. I’m…

Why do I do this work?

Hey, “it’s been a hot minute” as the cool kids say. I’m a 47 mother of two teens. I watch Coronation Street. That by virtue feels “not cool”. But in my mind, I’m soooo cool.

If you haven’t guessed, it’s Catherine here from Momentum. Your on the edge, sometimes over the cliff, professional in an “oh so relatable messy house, train wreck” sort of way.

Why do I do this work? I’m so glad you asked!

Good question…where do I start?

Well, to begin with I am pretty sure it’s a calling. I think this profession chose me. I’ve always been captivated by the human spirit. The hardest stories and suffering has always drawn me in. From as long as I can recall, it was the experiences of loss, recovery and resilience that touched my soul. I haven’t been one to look away from suffering because to me it’s the common human denominator. It’s what we all share. In many forms, we all suffer. Victim, villain and bystander, poverty or privilege – we all pay the piper.

Here’s what matters most. I believe in human capacity for change. The ability of us all to make the positive changes in our life that we need. And want. Healing my dear humans is not linear. There’s a lot of wolves at the door. Who come back. But we can change.

We. Can. Change.

But change needs to be on your terms. Not mine. Not anyone’s except yours.

I do this work because it’s a deep f$&king honour to sit beside you as you make your choices. Come to your new awareness. To share your pain. To let you unload your hurt and lay it down between us.

Is there any greater honour than to sit in my chair?

That’s why I do it.

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